Review Us

  • Great Storytelling
    October 31, 2022 by Issa828 from United States

    Love the whole podcast. The case files are entertaining and scary. Love the voice acting along with the music and backgrounds. Great job!

  • Simply amazing podcast
    October 4, 2022 by WilsonFisk1605 from United States

    It’s October 2022 just discovered this podcast been catching up since the beginning and I will say this is totally awesome. Just well crafted and well done.

  • has its flaws but is still interesting
    September 27, 2022 by rafflmao from United States

    I’m just echoing a lot of what’s already been said. It’s enough to keep my attention but it’s no TMA. Also GIANT groan at the way the narrator inserted himself into the story — it was poorly-contrived, not graceful or even believable, and poorly-written but it is what we have been sitting with for several seasons now so it is what it is. Though, seriously, the church scene when all the super friends get together to fight the big evil was stupidly convoluted. Also, not a big fan of Ron’s backstory but I appreciated how out of left field it was because I saw that other S4 plot twist coming from 15 episodes away. Other things: the squelching and slurping noises are very unnecessary but for the most part have calmed down and the other audio is ok to me. Some of the stand alone episodes are poorly written. The one about the hotel maid or whoever she was with the zombies and the building burning down and she is telling the story from the perspective of a police confession… yeah that one. That was probably the worst standalone and the closest I ever came to unsubscribing (you really have to be more discerning a out your guest writers). But the main story is intriguing enough to keep my attention and I am caught up so it is worth it to me to check in for new episodes every few weeks. That said, I struggled with Jeremy’s intonation for awhile and somehow it has just grown on me. I think I just know what to expect now so I’m less annoyed but it would have been nice not to have to have dealt with that for 3.5 seasons… anyway, 4 star because it honestly is still better than plenty out there…