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Thanks @GhostlyThistle for recommending us among some other great scary productions! #podcastlove

I noticed an EVP on @iTF_Radio Ep 260 and shared with @ShannonLegro - you can hear it at the beginning of this week's episode prior to her interview. Capturing evidence when you aren't even trying... like a boss, Shannon! #EVP #paranormal

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  • Livestream – October 2020
    On October 5th 2020, to celebrate 100,000 downloads, The Storage Papers writers went live to answer your questions. This video is the result.
  • Show Update & Sticker Giveaway
    Hi everyone, this is Jeremy. I just wanted to take an opportunity to let you know about all the things we’ve added this season.  In addition to our new website, we’ve added a Facebook Group and YouTube channel (with captions), as well as information about the show on the website itself.  In addition, each episode …
  • Shut up and take my money
    If that’s what you find yourself saying after listening to The Storage Papers…well, nothing will stop Jeremy from reading from the papers so he’s not gonna shut up anytime soon, but there is now a feature in the site if you would like to financially contribute to the podcast! There is a limited inventory of …
  • Read your heart out
    The Storage Papers now has full episode transcripts for every released episode available for your reading pleasure. This includes detailed content warnings for anything that may be triggering for our listeners. You can click play on the embedded YouTube videos of each episode and read along with Jeremy as he explores the unsettling pages found …
  • July, 2020 Update
    Exactly one year ago today, The Storage Papers Season 1 Trailer was released. It took about 4 weeks for Episode 1 to obtain a total of 50 downloads. Today, “Baby Cries” has over 4k downloads, and after only 13 full episodes and a large pause in production due to some COVID-related issues personally, this show …
  • The Storage Papers has a home
    The Storage Papers podcast is excited to officially have a home on the internet. It’s been scattered here and there across various podcasting and social media platforms, but now there is a central hub where you can keep up with the latest info and follow along as Jeremy investigates the mysterious papers found in an …