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Before we continue pushing forward with Season 4, a few people I’ve connected with in the community have suggested a recap of events and characters may be in order, and I can understand why.  When I started this podcast in July of 2019, I seriously loved the idea of making a narrated documentary-style show highlighting a separate document within The Storage Papers each week.  It had all the paranormal vibes I enjoy talking about with a sort of anthology type of feel.  But things have changed… oh, how they’ve changed.  Have you ever had one of those moments where you didn’t realize you were involved in something important… something central to what was going to happen in your life going forward.  A “turning point” so to speak.  This podcast has been that for me assuredly.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this recap given that everything has become so intertwined, so I’ll do the best I can, but feel free to send me any questions you might have.

Let’s start way back in Episode 2, An Unusual Suspect.  That’s where I first laid eyes on the Grinner, and where I first heard Detective Mark Anderson’s name, as the letter I read was penned by him.  It was also addressed to Ron, who I later learned was Ron Hammond, a former colleague and mentor to Anderson, who had been consulting with on cases involving seemingly unexplained phenomena.  There was also an accompanying creepy video, which happened to be contained on a thumb drive previously owned by one Benjamin Scanlon (rest in peace).  In this video, the Grinner seemingly appeared out of thin air in a hotel parking lot, where the video portrays him lurking around a specific room, looking in the window, and moving in that oh-so-unnatural way that he did… or does… I honestly don’t know what tense to use because I don’t know if he’s still alive in this plane of existence.  

Anyways, this night at the hotel seems to be a central event where a lot is going on that is still not 100% known.  The hotel in the video was the very same hotel where an open homicide investigation had been ongoing involving a seemingly self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  At some point between Season 1 and Season 4 of the podcast, a person identifying as @4thTrumpet on Twitter began feeding me anonymous tips and information… more on this individual later, but there was a Tweet from them mentioning Gerald Hubert.  I had no idea who that was until Season 4, episode 4 called Subject 14-3, where the police report from this hotel homicide identified the victim as Joseph Foye, but I previously learned that the media released the identity of the victim as Gerald Hubert.  This is something I’ve had to put on the backburner for a while now, but it’s high on my priority list to research

Of course, we learned from an extended version of the video from the hotel, given to me by Dr. Patel – I’ll also speak more about her later – that Ron Hammond was at the scene of this homicide and he never volunteered this information to Detective Anderson.  If I had to guess, this was perceived as a huge betrayal of trust by Anderson.  Frankly, I’m finding it difficult to trust anything Ron says or does, but that’s just been my experience with him.  Anderson’s known him far longer since his early days in law enforcement.

I hope I’m not too scattered and that you’re following so far… believe me, I’m sure there’s information I’ve already reviewed on the podcast that is connected and I just don’t know it yet.  It seems like I learn that almost every time I produce a new episode.  Maybe it would be clearer if I go by listing people involved.

There’s Ron Hammond, who we’ve identified as the previous owner of the so-called “Storage Papers”.  I know, super-clever name for a podcast, right?  I still don’t know how or why he would just stop paying his storage bills containing these documents… but at the same time, it allowed me to come into possession of them.  Something tells me that fate was involved… or perhaps even something more intentional.  Anyways, he’s a friend and former colleague who serves as a consultant on occasion to Detective Anderson.  He’s also had some tragedy in his life with the loss of his wife, and he was blackmailed by someone working in Project Hydra, which I’m still not entirely sure what that is except for the fact that they seem to have black projects, theoretical research branches, and potentially government funding.  I’ve only recently learned that he is the biological father to Benjamin and Brianne Scanlon.  He seems to be motivated heavily by personal reasons only known to him and he’s been willing and able to conceal the truth from those closest to him.  Something a double-agent would be great at doing, whether out of free will or necessity.

Ben Scanlon, unfortunately, we lost in a showdown with the Grinner at the end of Season 2.  That whole situation was kind of a blur, but someone close to me recently suggested I take a hard look at the events that unfolded on my podcast and ask a bunch of questions.  My greatest enemies are time and opportunity for this goal.  Either way, we know Ben was highly protective of his sister, Brianne, and gave his life to protect her.  He had met the Grinner prior to our showdown in the church and he seemed like a stand-up kind of guy from what I know, although somewhat tormented.

Brianne Scanlon is a nurse and quite frankly has been my greatest ally in this whole thing.  She has had trauma in her life… to what extent I’m not quite sure, but she manages to impress me with her kindness and ability to see the best in everyone.  She was dating a guy named Malcolm Foye at one point, who we later learned was either possessed or heavily influenced by The Grinner.  Brianne’s experience in the medical field has helped with some of our investigations into the medical documents both contained in The Storage Papers and given to me from Dr. Patel and some anonymous resources.  She has since been abducted by Malcolm, now acting on his own, and she’s befriended my wife and brings us cookies on occasion.  She’s definitely a chain-smoker and doesn’t sleep well, and I imagine she’s still having vivid nightmares similar to the ones that kept her up at night early in the podcast.  She’s also labeled as a Shepherd in the medical files, meaning she (supposedly) has the ability to translocate physical objects and living beings from parallel dimensions to our own.

I might as well talk about Malcolm Foye at this point.  Malcolm is somewhat of an enigma to me.  He, at least at some point in his life, has displayed superior abilities to those of makers and shepherds, and we know he was a Hydra kid used in experimentation from a very young age. We also know he was primarily raised by his grandfather, Joseph Foye and that he appears to be responsible for the disappearance and murder of his sister, Tabitha, for which he feels tremendous guilt and we know at least partially motivates him to do thing things he does.  His body was inhabited by the Grinner for at least as long as Brianne has known him and he makes frequently-poor decisions with malicious intent.  He most recently has escaped from prison and has threatened Jeremy with death, while feeling the need to remind Brianne of a debt she owes.  We’re assuming this refers to the blood-letting ritual explored in the episode that introduced us to the Order of the Divine Acolytes.

Since Malcolm is so closely tied to the Grinner, I feel the need to talk about the Grinner a little bit since it’s distinguishable as separate from Malcolm.  I don’t know much except that it has qualities of a demonic entity, yet doesn’t seem to have the expected boundaries of one, which scares me immensely.  I believe the Grinner is what was giving me nightmares early in the series and I know it was stalking me at one point.  It appears human most of the time and can transform its shape and appearance as it sees fit.  We’ve all assumed it’s dead after the Season 2 finale, but I can’t be 100% certain.  I can only hope.

Then there’s Detective Mark Anderson.  He’s been kind of a godsend lately as he’s been helping me out with some things related to the podcast.  He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy and calls bullshit when he sees it.  He’s methodical, yet empathetic, and he’s really good at his job.  I think this podcast is rubbing off on him as he’s found a new creative outlet by creating his own series of work called Unwanted Places that I’m helping him test out on our Patreon feed.  So far, he seems to be the moral foundation of the group and he’s loyal to his friends.

I need to mention Dr. Adhira Patel.  I don’t know many facts and some of what I’m sharing about her is conjecture, but she seemed like she was an up-and-coming authority within Projekt Hydra, or at the very least, SCIC.  I’ve always felt like she was playing all sides to get what she wants… what that is (or was), I just don’t know, but the feeling I walked away with after meeting her when she sabotaged my therapy session, was that she believes that whatever she’s doing is for the betterment of mankind… to make advancements in science.  I’m not sure she has a cohesive sense of morality thought as she seemingly bent a lot of rules and ethical principles.  She did, however, help me out by providing me some documents I’m sure I’m not supposed to have in my possession… right before she lost her life.  Her death was ruled a suicide but something tells me she didn’t choose to jump off of a high-rise building downtown right after she began confiding in me.  Still, I continue to find her signature and references to her seemingly every time I dig into new documents.

There are a couple of individuals I’m going to refrain from speaking of at the moment like Joseph Foye and Gerald Hubert.  You’ll hear more about them as Season 4 unfolds, and I’ll be introducing some new people I haven’t mentioned yet like Dr. Maldonado going forward.

I feel the need to mention Project Hydra as well.  I can’t prove it right now, but it seems like nearly every document contained within the papers pertains to this mysterious initiative.  While the papers themselves seem to document paranormal phenomena, there’s also evidence of other important information like medical files, extrasensory perception, fringe science, and the analysis of how to use all of it for gain.  Some of the information I’ve received from anonymous sources claiming to have inside knowledge of Hydra claim there are several departments within it, including but not limited to areas like Occult Studies, Psychical Research, Medical, Genetics, Physics, and Advanced Technology.  Please keep in mind this is highly speculative.  We MUST assume that powers within Hydra are aware of the information in my possession.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I stopped asking for listener feedback and information after season 1 of the show, largely because I got the feeling that I was receiving misinformation and potentially disinformation.  Project Hydra, I know, is alive and well, but due to the high level of compartmentalization involved, it’s very possible that it’s no longer under anyone’s direction.  My guess is the project is so classified that the government is no longer in control of it and likely hasn’t been for some time.  I assume this because of the shady ethics I’ve seen demonstrated within the papers, which means if someone has enough clout within the organization, it’s likely a power-grab scenario as different departments compete for control.  Again, purely speculation, but Ron likely knows way more than I do and is just choosing not to share.

This is where SCIC comes in.  SCIC, or “Southern California Independent Contractors” is a scientific research company that hires doctors and scientists like Adhira Patel, and sub-contracts their skills and expertise to government organizations.  It appears that Patel was the only remaining SCIC representative with in-depth knowledge of what they were contract by Hydra to do.  It’s possible that information is documented somewhere, but it’s also likely that it died with her.  I suspect this union is responsible in its entirety for the high occurrences of paranormal phenomena in the San Diego area.  Definitely more to learn on this front.

I guess that just leaves me.  What’s to say?  I’ve traditionally led a fairly private life and what little I’ve shared on the show is somewhat out of necessity for the listeners.  I’m married to my wife of 18 years and have two boys ages 16 and 12.  I don’t remember much of my childhood, but as I’ve recently uncovered within the papers and the documents Dr. Patel sent me, I was labeled as a Maker.  Makers, of course, have the ability to manifest physical objects and beings – literally anything you could imagine out of nothing.  It’s like in the original Ghostbusters movie when Gozer told them to “choose the form of the destructor” and they thought of a 100-foot Staypuft Marshmallow Man.  It just manifested based on someone’s thought.   

The medical files also contain information about my parents and my so-called accident that wiped my memory at a young age.  I don’t know if you believe in fate or not… and I’m not sure if I do to be perfectly honest.  The fact that Ben, Brianne, and Malcolm were all Hydra kids, and evidence seems to be leaning toward being one myself just doesn’t seem like chance. This is something that doesn’t feel right.  Something just doesn’t seem to fit in my mind… not only with these medical files, but with me and my surroundings.  I feel out of place, so to speak.  If you believe fate has anything to do with what’s going on, then maybe fate is trying to put me where I belong.

I spoke at the beginning of this recap of turning points: Moments in time where, whether you realize it or not at the time, will alter everything based on your choices going forward.  It’s like Jim Carrey in the movie Truman Show when he learns nearly goes insane before he learns he’s in a simulated reality.  It’s like Keanau Reeves in the Matrix when he has the epiphany that the bullets he was just shot with by Agent Smith weren’t real.  There’s that pause, then a sudden rush of mixed emotions including logical reason, confusion, and validation of your suspicions all spinning in your head like a class 5 tornado with the new realization that you know your very existence has been wrong somehow, or at the very least misinformed, and then you have an awakening with a new purpose in life.

I believe there’s an awakening on the horizon.  I can’t say for sure whether that awakening will involve me or someone close to me, but the feeling is palpable like static electricity in the air before a lightning strike.  I haven’t been able to shake that feeling since I read about the Pyramidion.  It just feels like it’s all going to come together soon.  At the same time, my physical health has also been met with some challenges and this awakening is starting to feel like a race against time.

Unfortunately, there are still some things I just can’t share with you right now… things that are pertinent to the podcast and everything I’ve been researching that are occurring as a direct result of me looking into the papers… I need to maintain some secrets, for now, out of necessity.  These secrets, I can assure you, are kept in everyone’s best interest and I can only hope that someday I can share those with you at a time where the consequences of doing so won’t be so detrimental.

If you’ve stuck with the show up until now, I just want to say thank you for continuing to listen.  The show started out as one thing, but took on the life of something entirely different.  Being in the hospital has allowed me somewhat of a needed break for reflection and to gain clarity on the bigger picture at play.  I’ll have more information to share going forward, and on December 13, I’ll fill you in on my meeting at El Campo Cemetery.





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