July, 2020 Update

Exactly one year ago today, The Storage Papers Season 1 Trailer was released. It took about 4 weeks for Episode 1 to obtain a total of 50 downloads. Today, “Baby Cries” has over 4k downloads, and after only 13 full episodes and a large pause in production due to some COVID-related issues personally, this show still manages to climb in listenership and has nearly 50,000 downloads as I’m writing this. I don’t post this to boast… there are many high-quality podcasts out there with much larger numbers, but I feel as if it says something about a show that has been all but abandoned for several months to continue to grow in popularity. All I can say is thank you! What started as a small, solo, passion project has taken on a life of its own, despite the neglect it wasn’t necessarily warranted or intended.

As subscribers to the podcast feed recently heard, I have confirmed the show hasn’t been discontinued, and that there are plans to complete the second season by the end of summer. But that’s just a small portion of what’s to come. If you’ve made your way to this post on our new website (much thanks to Nathan Lunsford for web design), that means you’re probably one of the most engaged listeners and fans. For being just that, I’d like to give you a little more detail about what’s been happening behind the scenes.

First, of course, is the additional help I’ve acquired. While I was solely responsible for Season 1’s content and the initial few episodes of Season 2, I’ve connected with some other talented writers who have taken a vested interest in the show and are going to be regularly contributing content… more info coming about them as we approach the end-of-summer release. There’s some amazing art work and original music coming as well. Then, there’s this website. Though it is minimal in origins, it’s going to serve as a hub of information as the show moves forward into Season 3 and beyond. I do have a YouTube channel in the works that will not only host as a feed for episodes, but for some additional content as well. I’ve also created a new Facebook Group for fans to hang out and discuss the show with each other and the creators. Again, more info will come at a later time on this. There will even be a few creative ways coming up for listeners to support the show, and to obtain some very cool rewards in the process.

I would be remiss if I didn’t answer the most common question I receive about The Storage Papers. That is, “is there an overlying plot?” The answer is, most certainly, yes! What has been revealed thus far is only a scratch on the surface. In addition, there are one or two things I am unable to speak about at the moment, and at least one thing that we have high hopes for, but may be a while before it comes into fruition.

I don’t say this to be intentionally vague, but to reassure you that we’re really just beginning. The plans are just starting scale up, foundations are being laid, and the talent is here, ready to churn out some of the creepiest, nightmare-bringing, soul-sucking content that your horror-seeking ear holes have been itching to devour. I’ll be posting occasional updates as we move forward, but for now, we’ll be working hard to get the rest of Season 2 out to you on-schedule. Thanks for listening!




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