Over 1 Million Downloads!

As we prepare to wrap up Season 3, The Storage Papers has officially reached the one million downloads milestone!  For a podcast, that’s a huge deal, let alone an audiodrama. 

I’d like to thank all of the listeners who have inspired us to keep the podcast in motion, and who keep returning for more content.  There’s also some listeners who connect with us on social media and interact with us there. Every little bit of interaction there helps us gain a little more exposure.  The listeners who also took the time to rate and review our show also contribute to our success.

Nathan Lunsford and Cody Ditzenberger deserve a huge thanks here as well.  Without their addition to the team and hard work, there’s no way the show would have been continued on, or at least be where it is today at the end of Season 3! 

Everyone who has contributed in the show in some way such as writing, helping in some way with the The Storage Papers, Volume 1 (our book), or who has done a lot to just share our show.  Those include Hunter Delametter, Esme Snyder, Firestar, Brad Petrie, Kelsey Rapine, Anya Harris and Tara Diercks.

The team over at Rusty Quill has been hugely instrumental in this milestone.  Between Seasons 1 and 2, we had reached about 225k downloads, and the rest of them have all come during Season 3 as part of the Rusty Quill Network.  Callum Dougherty has been the driving force of our initial introduction to the network and our partnership with RQN, and continues to support us in ways we’re likely not even aware of.  There are quite a few other podcasts in the RQN that have collaborated in some way, whether that’s advertising or guest appearance opportunities like on Enthusigasm.  I know there’s a huge team at RQN contributing to our success that we likely haven’t had a conversation with, so I hope you realize how grateful we are on this end!

We absolutely need to throw a thank you out to our super-fans, the Curators!  These are our independent supporters who back our show financially on Patreon.  I’m incredibly humbled by the idea that people like our content so much that they’re willing to financially support our efforts, and your support goes a very long way!  I know we’ve experimented with our reward tiers a bit over the last year, but we’ve always wanted to show recognition to our Curators, so definitely check out our “Thanks” page to see those names.

And last but most definitely not least, we’d like to throw some thanks toward some other podcasters who have collaborated with us, who are consistent in their support of the show, and/or have just allowed us to exchange ideas along the way. Those include our PodPeeps group: Malevolent, The Cellar Letters, The Town Whispers, The Dead Letter Office of Somewhere, Ohio, Wake of Corrosion, Nowhere on Air, A Voice From Darkness, Woe.Begone, and The Night Post.  In addition, thanks to Pseudopod for involving us in The Witching Hour and Harlan Guthrie for involving us in Nine to Midnight.

I hope you can tune into the Season 3 finale on February 1 (don’t listen if you’re not caught up yet). We’re fast at work on Season 4 right now, but we’re also far from finished with Jeremy’s story. We look forward to everything the future has in store. Thank you so much for your support!




2 responses to “Over 1 Million Downloads!”

  1. Cyndi Scott Avatar
    Cyndi Scott


    This is wonderful news. I’m so happy for you all.

    & a huge thank you to all of you for having us all along with you for the ride. It’s been wonderful.

    1. Jeremy Enfinger Avatar

      Thank you for being a Curator, Cyndi! We appreciate all of your support along the way!

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